Southbrook Church Children & Teen Consignment Sale
5607 Monroe-Weddington Rd.
Weddington, NC 28104
(704) 814-7372


Just the Facts

1.  This sale is for Spring/Summer items only.

2.  Consignors receive 70% of their total merchandise sales.  Southbrook Church will       receive the remaining 30%.

3.  The consignor registration fee is $12 and a consignor who works a full volunteer shift will have their registration fee waived and deducted from consignor checks after the sale.  

4.   All consignors who work a full shift are invited to shop the volunteer sale on Friday, February 20 at 4:00 pm. Please see volunteer link for available shifts.  

5.  Consignors are invited to shop our Preview Sale on Friday, February 20 at 4:30 pm. You need to give your name at check-in table at the door

6.  Only one consignor per number & one consignor per household

7.  When shopping, we will accept check or cash from consignors only, if writing a check you will need to sign NSF form at register. 

8.  Consignor checks will be mailed approximately 3 weeks after the sale.  The $12 registration fee will be deducted from your consignor check unless you choose to volunteer; then the fee will be waived.


1.  Consignor registration opens on January 1st at 8:00am and will close on February 9 at midnight or when we reach our maximum of 200 consignors.  No one will be allowed to register as a consignor after the closing date.

2.  To register as a consignor, click here “CONSIGNOR REGISTRATION   If you have never registered with My Consignment Manager (MCM), you will need to create a user account as a new seller/volunteer.  If you have registered with MCM through another sale, you will then register with Cloud 9 Consign as a returning seller/volunteer by entering your user name and password.  Once you have registered with Cloud 9 Consign, every time you enter the system from this point on you will login as a returning user.  This will bring you to your personalized seller’s home page where you can enter items, manage your inventory and print tags.

Transferring Inventory

If you are a consignor at other sales and would like to transfer your unsold items into your Cloud 9 Consign Sale inventory, please follow these steps:

**First and most importantly, you will need to log in directly to My Consignment Manager’s site instead of through the C9C MCM link.**

Click here:   
Sign in with your usual MCM Username & Password

Once logged in:

1. Click on Manage Inventory from menu bar
2. From “Choose a consignment to work on” drop down menu, select the sale FROM which you are transferring inventory
3. Click “Transfer Items” tab
4. From "Select Target Consignment” drop down menu, choose "Cloud 9 Consign/FALL 2014
5.  Select items you want to transfer
6. Click “Transfer Selected Item(s) to Target Consignment Now

For the Cloud 9 sale, we have designed a tag that is specific for our sale only. All consignors transferring items in from other sales will need to re-print tags on appropriate cardstock with their new C9C number. Items not re-printed with C9C tags will be pulled from the sales floor. Also, any tags that have been changed by hand will be returned to the consignor on Saturday.


1.  Drop-off will take place in the Southbrook Church lobby.  Drop-off dates and times are:

Thursday, February 19        4:00pm – 8:00pm
Friday, February 20             9:00am – 12:00pm
2.   Drop-off form.   Please print and fill out the Consignor Drop-Off/Liability forms and bring it with you. The forms are located at the right side of our home page under forms.
3.  Inventory report. Please check your inventory report from the website to make sure it corresponds with the items you are dropping off.  Delete any items entered on the website that you decide not to bring to the sale.  This needs to be done before Monday, February 16 at 9pm.  As stated in our liability clause, Cloud 9 Consign is not responsible in any way for ensuring that the consignor has brought all stated items to the sale.  Therefore, Cloud 9 Consign is not responsible for reimbursement of such items.

4.  Important reminders for ALL CONSIGNORS to review, even the seasoned please click on this link: Consignor Reminders